Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sallie Mae = SCAM = ASSHOLE

The 2nd and final (hopefully) update to my original post Sallie Mae The Billion Dollar Scammer! No Online Principal Only Payment Option! and the 1st update Round 2: Sallie Mae's the Bitch.

Well, I'm happy to report (indifferent really) that Sallie Mae responded via snail mail 2 weeks after I sent my email.  I have to scan and upload the letter, but basically it stated that I couldn't make principal only payments online because per my loan docs accrued interest had to be paid first.  Then, Sallie Mae enclosed a copy of my loan docs for reference (THANKS!).  Now, my question is, if accrued interest gets paid first when I make my monthly payment anyway, why the hell can't I make a principal only payments online in between payment dates????  Its not like I'm paying the loan off so there will be another monthly payment (and another and another) so the interest can continue to accrue - just less of it since I paid down some of the principal.  Seriously, am I being unreasonable or is the level of corporate greed here just ridiculous and undeniable?  I have to say it again, THE BORROWER IS SLAVE TO THE LENDER!!!

My other issue is if you can make a principal only payment via the mail why doesn't Sallie Mae offer the a corresponding online option?  I already know the answer - because the interest will accrue while the payment is in the mail increasing the amount from your payment that would be applied to interest and decreasing the amount that would be applied to principal.  Geez - is this not the definition of SCAM or ASSHOLE?!!   

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Round 2: Sallie Mae's the Bitch

I'm happy to report that I received a phone call from a Brian from Sallie Mae's Office of Consumer Advocate within 24 hours of my sending a very frustrated but rational email to Sallie Mae.  Brian was very kind and said that he would look into my request for a online principal only payment option and get back to me.  Brian even gave me his phone number in case I had any additional concerns.  

Sadly, but not surprisingly, I have not heard back from Brian or anyone else from the Office of Consumer Advocate and it will be 2 weeks on Oct. 4th. Hmm, way to freaking advocate!!!  Thank God I wasn't suffering from anything too serious like, oh say a financial crisis!!!  Of course, you all know I'm not actually saddened or surprised by anything Sallie Mae does or doesn't do.  I'm not delusional (crazy maybe, delusional definitely not), I am well aware that my single email was not going to bring down the corporate demon in a single blow.  I am puzzled however, what exactly is the point of the Office of Consumer Advocate?  You truly have to be delusional to think its to advocate on behalf of the consumer.